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One of the only SCBers to be banned and then come back, Xtreme 2.0 (post ban) is actually a pretty cool guy cunt. He likes the Panthers, the Bobcats, weed, fine cooking, Gordon Ramsey, Jeeps and bumrape.

Xtreme spends most of his days struggling to come to terms with the greatness of the Carolina Hurricaines.

Has the ability to turn any thread into a thread about the Panthers.


RSG's takeEdit

Xtreme is our resident goat humpin, Appalachian conquering via Jeep, whisky and cocaine mixing redneck. For a while he left on a sort of hick retreat and came back super hickish and in love with Carolina Panther penis.This in turn made him boring (ZzzZzzztreme) as all he talked about was the Panthers and which breed of livestock to caress next. His annoyance synched with Banana's putrid-ism and almost imploded the SCB. This led the SCB to ban him and his Jeep. But they always come back. Now he's back and better than ever. Although I'm not fully convinced that he's not the link that will give us some sort of farm std... we love you anyway Brad. If anyone can give us goat STD it might as well be you. Slag must be drooling by now.

Relationship historyEdit

  • Jake Delhomme (2003-2009)
  • Banana (2009-)
  • Matt Moore (2009-Cam)
  • Andrew Luck (2010-2011)
  • Cam "The Swag" Newton (2011-)
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Xtreme and his friends