"The Basket" after a rare catch

Nicknamed "The Basket" for his ability to hold up to 76 career receptions. Baskett is unquestionably the greatest wide receiver in NFL history

NFL careerEdit

The Basket's immeasurable talent has so far been wasted, as he has been forced to play with a succession of the NFL's worst quarterbacks, including Donovan McNabb and Peyton Manning.

Considered a top free agent in the 2010 offseason, Baskett is expected to draw a record salary if he can actually get a meeting. On March 12,2010 the Philadelphia Eagles were declared Super Bowl champs when they resigned "The Basket"

By far his greatest achievment is using his status as an NFL player to land a Playboy Playmate wife he doesn't deserve, but he mega-failed by knocking her up almost immediately with his watery, failboating, mediocre WR seed.

Not to be confused with:Edit

  • Picnic basket
  • Easter basket
  • Laundry basket


Donovan McNabb SyndromeEdit

Along with former Eagles wideouts, Freddie Mitchell and Reggie Brown, Baskett suffers from Donovan Mcnabb Syndrome, where despite having lots of talent McNabb likes to ignore wide open wide recievers and throw the ball into the ground at his receivers feet.

414px-Hank-Baskett-2008-Camp-Autograph edit

Hank signing an autograph for a disappointed fan