Lito "Big Play" Sheppard and Asante Samuel

The Eagles Secondary has, despite several changes throughout the years, have included 3 top 5 corners. Lito " Big Play" Sheppard, "Shutdown" Sheldon Brown, for 4 years formed the greatest CB duo in NFL history. In 2008 Asante Samual joined them and for that season and the Eagles had 3 top 5 corners on their roster. Guys such as, Josilio Hansen, Rod Hood, Ellis Hobbs, and Will James joined these beasts over the years. During the 2002 and 2003 nfl seasons the Eagles had a rare, 4 topo 5 corners when Sheppard and Brown played behind Bobby Taylor and Troy Vincent.

"Shutdown" Sheldon Brown returning an intercepton for a touchdown


Lito Sheppard: The Cowboy killer